S900X (911X)I/S900X(911X)II series pneumatic actuator is suitable for the valve with medium and large caliber, and is widely applied in the automation and remote control operation



Operating Conditions 0.4 MPa
Air Supply Pressure 0.3 ~ 0.7 MPa
Operating Temperature Standard: –20 ~ +80 °C
S900X Output Torque 528 ~280482 Nm
S911X Output Torque 230 ~ 61500 Nm


900 911


Regular Accessories of Pneumatic Actuators

Positioner: Positioner can accurately flow through the valve into the position of the drive input and output to the control system. Limit Switch: The switch position of remote control valve can be achieved in mechanical or electromagnetic proximity method.
Solenoid Valve: Three-way or Four-way or Five-way, used to control the actuator gas circuit. Speed Control Valve: Can control the movement speed of actuator. Pressure Reducing  ilter: Can provided clean and dry air medium with proper pressure for the actuator.



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