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The GRV Group is an international company specialized in the manufacture and sale of high performance valves. After nearly 20 years of continuous development, GRV has established his R&D and assembly center in Aachen (Germany), responsible for developing GRV’s products and expanding GRV’s market.

More recently, a new joint venture Company, EMMECI-GRV Flow-Controls, developed in Italy in collaboration with the valve manufacture company EMMECI, provides full services for European markets,while GRV in Chengdu (China) acts as the manufacturing base to provide an efficient service particularly for the Asian markets. Finally, a service center has been opened also in Dubai to meet the request of the markets in the Middle East. 

GRV's main products include various types of cryogenic valves, high temperature Y-globe valves, eccentric butterfly valves and so on. Focused on special engineering designs, GRV can provide a wide range of high performance valves to meet the needs of the LNG, petroleum, power and chemical industries.



 GRV Flow-Controls GmbH  GRV Flow-Controls China  GRV Flow-Controls Italy


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